MOSS Boutique Hotel

brand communication, design

year: 2018

client: MOSS Boutique Hotel

MOSS is a Boutique Hotel in the historic centre of Moscow (Krivokolenny Lane, 10/4). It is filled with vibrations of urban, contemporary Moscow. The hotel is a reflection of the modern city: the people, the atmosphere, the events representing Moscow here and now.

Scope of work:

  • inviting guests (journalists and bloggers) to events — Grand Opening and press-breakfast
  • everyday communication with the media (including incoming requests)
  • initiating materials in the media (reports, interviews, comments, photo-stories, guides)
  • initiating and organizing photoshoots
  • generating and carrying out special projects
  • initiating and publishing materials in international media
  • everyday communication with bloggers


  • Publications (media):> 50
  • Publications (print):> 5
  • Publications (international media):> 5
  • Press-events: 2
  • OTS: > 100 mln
  • PR Value: > 20 mln