Lokobol Festival 2018

design, event, brand communication, digital

year: 2018

client: VSS Lokomotiv

Lokobol is a children’s football festival held annually in 100+ cities across Russia, CIS and Europe. With over 45 000 boys and girls aged 9-11 participating every year, this is one of the biggest kid’s sport event in Russia, yet with lack of promotion
Lokobol still appears parochial from the outside. We were there to change it.

Scope of work:

  • update the most comprehensive brand of children’s football in Russia to make it more appealing for younger audience and partners thus building a base for further monetization and profitability
  • analysis of the Russian and world children’s event markets
  • festival repositioning
  • development of new corporate identity
  • development of communication strategy
  • integration of SMM channels for festival promotion and social listening