Gett Taxi


year: 2018

client: Gett Taxi

Gett is one of the leading taxi services in Russia. The agency was tasked to create a social media campaign that will drive new users to use Gett “business” class.

Scope of work:

  • create an idea for the native promotional campaign
  • develop a social media mechanics promoting Gett “business” class service
  • develop a strategic approach that will engage high class audience
  • coming up with a list of Opinion Leaders to implement the campaign with
  • management of the Opinion Leaders
  • creating the content plan

Highlights: During the month of the campaign 6 Opinion Leaders have uploaded to their instagram accounts 24 stories and 1 post showcasing their experience with the service. The campaign has led to 1 419 325 views in total and 757 Gett “business” promocode activations (new users).